Oil paintings, charcoal/pencil


Robyn Shannon

I Specialise in working with oil paints, mixed media, charcoal/pencil, conte pencils and occasionally a bit of ceramic sculpture.

Since childhood art and creativity have been an important part of my life, my art is a continious journey gathering inspiration from people, inner visions, emotions, nature and the world around us using imaginative and symbolic images to express feelings, ideas and events.

Catching the emotions of a person in their portraits and make it come to life with energy and feelings. Using colour and light combined with images to create and express a mood, idea  and portraying the natural beauty of nature.

Always willing to learn new mediums for creative expression and reflecting the world that we live in through personal feelings, ideas and experiences to the shared communal atmostphere.

I am available for solo and group exhibitions, private collections and charcoal/pencil portraits.



In 1976 participated in the Artcraft Exhibition “30 Outstanding Works” at the National Gallery of Victoria and completed a Design & Decoration Course at Melbourne College of Decoration in 1977-1978.

Produced painting / charcoal drawings for private collections and began exhibiting in 1996. Since then has been involved in many group and solo exhibitions.

1996-1999 exhibited in the Darebin contemporary Art Show exhibitions, Darebin Dance Expo and “Northcote Arts Walkabout” with a painting exhibited at a High St Retailer.

1998-1999 created artwork for “The Best Foot Forward Project” which incorporated an exhibition in the “Art & Soul Gallery” Preston with a production of Artwork with the Preston Special Development School displaying the work in “98 Darebin Festival” and Mixed Media Artwork for “Footage” at the Ferrari Shoe Factory Fairfield in 1999.

Preston Creative Living Centre in the Art & Soul Gallery for the Best Foot Forward Project created a mixed media installation called “Shoes with soul” and 2 solo exhibitions “Images in the Garden” in 1998 and “Introspective” in 2000.

Solo and Group Exhibitions at Northcote Library which include Solo exhibitions “Journey of heart & Mind” , “Images”, “Fleeting Moments”  in 1997-2000 and “Dreamscape”  2011. Group exhibitions “My Backyard” 1997 and Painting/mixed media exhibition “Alternatives” with Artist Barbara Robinson 2000

Became a member of the Contemporary Art Society and exhibited in 19”x 12” National Travelling Exhibition 1999-2000 with many annual and group exhibitions since at CASspace Windows, Eckersley’s Gallery, Herring Island and Burnley Harbour in Richmond, Gallery 314 Richmond, Decoy Cafe Exhibition St Melbourne, Steps Gallery Carlton and Richmond Library.

With a Solo exhibition at Gallery High 445 Northcote “Rocks”, cafe Alphabet City Westgarth “Fleeting Moments” 1997, group Exhibition at Walker St Gallery Dandenong “Boxed in” and “She”, group exhibition at Jackman Gallery St Kilda “Black & White” 2002, Darebin Art Show Bundoora House 2011/2013, Whittlesea Art Show in “Pathways” and “Harmony” and street exhibition in Thomastown.



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